European Transport Exchange

Internet transport exchanges are becoming increasing popular in the freight market.If your freight company wants to reduce the number of journeys with empty trailers and save on transport costs, it should use such an exchange. Simply place on the database information about the free load space for the return journey. This will definitely be of interest to companies that need to transport their goods.

transport i spedycja

Autor: Jean-Pierre
Logintrans- free loads- European Transport Exchange is a rapidly developing transport exchange in Europe.There are thousands of free trucks and loads on the exchange everyday. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed and you will find a forwarder or a company looking for a forwarder at the appropriate time.

Transport Poland? No problem.

Czy posiadasz trudność ze znalezieniem fascynujących danych na omawiany temat? Jeżeli tak, to nie martw się, tylko prześledź treść, a na pewno się nie rozczarujesz.

Freight companies from your country are also on the exchange.TRANS has created a transport – przeniesiony tutaj – forum for your customers which they can use to obtain information about issues such as transport and freight, transport Slovakia. The TRANS exchange, and similar exchanges, make it possible for small and large freight companies develop in domestic and international transport. Exchanges make it easier to organise transport services and therefore increase turnover.